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We are almost on our way! We finally received our itinerary for the trip (It has already been revised once. I think this is the final version below!)

Guide Name: Michael  
Accommodations:  Dolton Hotel
Address: 149 Shaoshan Road, Changsha  Phone: 011-86-0731-4168888
Date       Time          Events
09.10    10:25am    Get picked up and brought to Dolton Hotel. 
09.10    3:30pm      Meet child at Civil Affairs Office. 
09.11     9:30am     Do relevant paperwork at Civil Affairs.
09.12     9:30am     Shopping for child
09.13    10:00am    Visit to the museum                                                                             09.14      2:30pm    Autum Moon Festival
09.15    10:00am    Visit to the Lieshi Park
09.16    10:00am    Visit to the Yue Lu Academy
09.17    10:00am    Visit to the Juzi Park
09.18    4:00pm      Get baby’ passports
09.19    3:00pm      Families fly to Guangzhou

Accommodations: Guangdong Victory Hotel                                                                        Address: No 53 North Shamian Street, Guangzhou - Phone: 011-86-2081-216688                                                                                                                                                        Date      Time          Events
09.19     4:00pm    Get picked up and brought to Hotel
09.20      9:00am     Sightseeing tour to Chen families’ temple.
09.21      9:00am     Sightseeing tour to Yuntai park.
09.22      9:30am     Taking child’ visa picture and doing medical examination for the child
09.23      9:30am     Take families documents to American Consulate in GZ
09.24      3:00pm     Families go to American Consulate Interview and get visa 
09.25      8:20am     Go to airport for flight to Hong Kong                                                          09.26     10:25am    Leave Hong Kong and HEAD FOR HOME!!! (by way of NJ & Atlanta)             09.26     11:30pm    FINALLY ARRIVE AT SWFL REGIONAL AIRPORT!

So here are some of the sightseeing pictures from our trip. The family and Rachel pics are on the photo page. Hover your mouse over each picture for an explanation!

Lieshi Park View from top of Pagoda in Leishi Park
Juzi ParkSpecial Dinner at the Dolton Hotel

The Embroidery MuseumRachel with "Mr Happy" from the Dolton
Workers at the Embroidery Factory/MuseumSleepy Panda at the Changsha Zoo
Waterfall inside the White Swan Hotel, GuangzhouSoldiers on Parade - Walking the streets of Guangzhou
Artist at "Susan's Place" painting Rachel's picture inside a glass bottleA real tea ceremony at "Susan's Place" - Guangzhou