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Just in time for the holidays, we are selling Swarovski Crystal jewelry made to order!  You choose gold or silver tone as well as crystal colors.  I am using ONLY high quality Swarovski CrystalWe are hoping this will be our best fundraising effort. Pleae pardon my TERRIBLE photos. I need to learn how to adjust them so they actually look similar to the real thing! I'm trying!

Swarovski Standard ColorsHere is a chart of the standard Swarovski Crystal colors. If you are not able to read the name of the color you want, please indicate the position on the chart for me. (for example, if you want the color "Sun", that is the 1st color column 4).

See some sample pieces below - Be sure to indicate color choices after you use the "Buy it now" button or e-mail me immediately after you place your order!

Available Birthstone ColorsThese are the typical Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Colors. If you are interested in a birthstone bracelet, necklace or pendant, please let me know either the color or the birth months you want. Please allow at least 2 weeks delivery as these will be made to order!

7-1/2 " Bracelets 
$25.00 each
For larger bracelet size,
please let us know!



$30.00 each





Necklace & Bracelet Set
$60.00  *Save $5*

This is exactly the same set that we are using for our little Rachel.  When we thought we were going to get a referral for twins, we got 2 sets of nursery furniture. It is a beautiful set and we LOVE it.  We have been using this since we brought our angel home.  She is a rough and tumble kind of girl, and this furniture has held up just great, despite her kicking it, jumping up and down on the matress, etc.   Obviously, this set would only be available locally.  There is no way we can ship it.  But if you are interested, let us know!  Here are some pictures:

This is the crib we put together for Rachel.  The one we are selling has never been out of the box.

This is the dresser & hutch.  There is also an armoire in the background, but we only have one of those so it's not for sale. But the dresser & Hutch are both available.

This is the aquarium we were using for Fred.  We have an Eheim Pro filter, lights, covers, and cleaning apparatus.  It also comes with a 2 sided laser type print background photo to give a nice appearance...