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Throughout this journey, there have been people who have really gone out of their way to help us.  This is just a little note of thanks to you all for everything you have done or are doing to bring our daughter home.  We couldn't have gotten through each step without the love, support, and help from our wonderful family and friends.  Thank you all for bringing our family together! 

These are just some of the people we wanted to list... also, please check out our Interesting Links page - we've included links to some of the companies that have donated to our adoption fund, and would appreciate it if you would check them out...

Margie, Charlie & The Crew... Iris & Willy... Zulema... Nancy... Rita... Vinny & Susan... Barbara & Bill... Anna... Roseann... Brenda... Marion... Al D... Melissa... Ruthanne & Bill... Deb (GBSSS)... Vana & Guy... Ilyse, for giving us such a wonderful gift for HER birthday!  All of Ilyse's friends who donated to us in lieu of gifts to her because of her amazing email to them... Everyone at Curves who donated inkjet cartridges!... Thomas A Edison Church for letting us keep an inkjet collection box there.... Kim for motivating me to start making Crystal Jewelry and showing me some good techniques... Everyone who has purchased any of our fundraising items (Entertainment Books, International Dining Club memberships, Cookbooks, Etc.)

Another special thanks to Mary Hawk from the News Press newspaper for writing such a great article about our fundraiser/yard sale. Mary was so easy to talk to and I am greatful that she took on this project!  I hope this works, but here is a link to Mary's article from the News-Press.

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